It is almost impossible to win team sports championships or wars or defeat evil if you are playing defense only. Yet most schools, workplaces, and communities are using old playbooks consisting of conventional strategies and solutions for their First Responders program (security, law enforcement, crisis, recovery, etc.). Conventional strategies continue to focus almost entirely on how fast First Responders can react and respond to incidents and tragedies, but reacting fast enough is getting more and more difficult, and still not preventing.

Most schools, workplaces, and communities have management, personnel, products, and budgets for First Responders, but not for a First Preventers Program to focus on “offense” to proactively intervene, disrupt, and prevent incidents and tragedies.

The First Preventers Playbook delivers an overview of what a research-based and success-based First Preventers Program of strategies and solutions should include and how it should and could be helping schools, workplaces, and communities.