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Rick Shaw is a prevention coach who helps CEOs, Executives, Boards, Mayors, and Leaders address popular “enough is enough” comments as pains and fears are mounting and incidents and tragedies are increasing.

Any of these keeping you up at night?

  • How to deal with COVID-19 safety, liabilities, and mounting lawsuits?
  • How to eliminate mounting fears, pains, and other stressors impacting your people?
  • How to identify and help soaring numbers of at-risk individuals – internally and in your community?
  • How to identify and help disgruntled ex-employees who may become a threat?
  • How to prevent incidents that could cost millions of dollars in lawsuits, settlements, fines?
  • How to prevent hackers from hacking your people (the weakest link) to plant ransomware or worse?
  • How to protect your reputation from damages and then years of rebuilding it? 
  • How to eliminate more gaps, silos, and disconnects caused by bias, turf wars, and politics?
  • How to prevent mounting challenges with racial injustice?
  • How to upgrade your old playbooks to the new playbooks for the new reality of 2020 and beyond?

Your Benefits:

You will benefit by learning what does NOT work thanks to investing 20+ years of research into incidents and tragedies and asking different questions along the way. Rick’s extensive research exposed the profiles of failed preventions and why these failed profiles commonly exist in most schools, workplaces, and communities.

You will benefit by learning what DOES work thanks to 8+ years of working with early adopters who were seeking something different and more effective at preventing increasing violence, incidents, liabilities, and tragedies.

You will benefit from Rick’s expertise as a Prevention Coach and perhaps the first Connecting the Dots Officer to provide you and your leadership with the coaching services needed for existing challenges and even more challenges with the pandemic and the new reality we must adapt to.

You will benefit from 30+ years of experience in eliminating costly liabilities for “failure to connect the dots” and “ignoring red flags”, which has become one of the hottest and most effective legal strategies to win settlements and lawsuits.

You will benefit from learning how “return on prevention” can keep giving for a lifetime, whereas “return on regret” can hurt for a lifetime, the difference depends on your actions.

A note from Rick:

The best athletes and business people in the world have coaches to make them more effective and to achieve their goals, if your goal is to prevent more fears, pains, incidents, violence, and tragedies and to achieve a lifetime of returns on prevention, then take action and contact me now. I cannot read your mind, so it is up to you to take proactive action right this moment… let’s make a difference together.

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Time should be booked using Central Time (CT)
Time should be booked using Central Time (CT)