Rick started Awareity after doing research into why incidents and tragedies continued to occur, even with pre-incident indicators (warning signs, red flags, etc.). In 2008, Awareity’s research led to the initial development of the next generation Prevention & Connecting the Dots Platform and in 2011 Awareity partnered with the first clients who are looking to be true industry leaders in their prevention efforts, and in 2012 Awareity implemented the first official Prevention & Connecting the Dots Platform, and impressive results were achieved within the first two weeks!

The Awareity Team believes the world can be a safer place if Good People are given the advantage over evil doers. This advantage requires questioning status quo thinking and looking at things differently on purpose. They value knowledge-driven actions which is why they do extensive research and listen, then design and deliver the best strategies, tools, and support possible to make sure clients and their communities are doing the right things to not just feel safer, but be safer.

Since their inception they have seen world-changing results start with a single piece of the puzzle (Awareity Butterfly Effect), are you ready to do your part in changing the world forever?