Think about it, the community is where the at-risk individuals exist and where they are exhibiting their pre-incident indicators (red flags, warning signs, concerning behaviors, suspicious activities, leakage, etc.) and where community members (family, friends, neighbors, employees, students, local agencies, social media, etc.) are observing and seeing the pre-incident indicators.

Beyond just the individuals within the community, the community is also where additional and specialized resources are available, beyond that of what law enforcement or crisis response teams have. Because of these resources, the community is where intervention and prevention actions with at-risk individuals must be taken (the new playbook), not once it gets to law enforcement which is a reactive response (outdated playbook), not a proactive prevention.

The First Preventers Playbook describes how Community-Driven is already working in the real world.

Are you tired of waiting for state and federal politicians to help make your community members, schools, workplaces, houses of worship, and communities safer?

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