The Pathway to Violence has been a recognized concept since the early 2000s and focuses on an attack cycle that people/at-risk individuals exhibit before an incident occurs. In short, at-risk individuals do not just snap, they escalate along a pathway towards violence. 

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The Pathway to Prevention is a newer research-based concept that is different and focuses on more than at-risk individuals escalating towards violence. The Pathway to Prevention applies to numerous other incidents (sex abuse, drug abuse, domestic abuse, depression, suicide, and others) and is vitally important as life stressors are increasing due to the pandemic and other new reality challenges. The Pathway to Prevention helps identify indicators and points at which internal and external resources should be involved to intervene and prevent escalations and accelerations of individuals who may be at risk to themselves or others.

The First Preventers Playbook delivers a comprehensive explanation of the Pathway to Prevention and what leaders of schools, workplaces, and communities can do to prevent more incidents and tragedies, especially with increasing incidents and challenges and with the new reality everyone is facing.

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