What keeps you up at night?

  • Mounting economic challenges impacting your bottom line?
  • Increasing safety challenges keeping customers away and impacting your employees?
  • The soaring numbers of at-risk individuals with stressors and grievances who pose threats to your organization and community?
  • Costly reputation damages and legal liabilities?
  • Cyberattacks on your data and ransomware threats?
  • Others?

Evidence reveals the common thread with safety threats, at-risk individuals, reputation damage, liabilities, cyberattacks, and numerous other challenges is PREVENTION.

Most sports team head coaches rely on position coaches similar to how head coaches in organizations rely on position coaches like HR, Operations, Financial, Security, Risk, Legal, etc. However more and more head coaches are realizing how specialty coaches are critically needed to provide unique input and expertise to ensure even better results. Specialty coaches provide input from a different perspective, for example, head coaches from most sports teams have a coach in the press box to gain a different viewpoint from down in the trenches, while other specialty coaches are analyzing data to identify trends and patterns (good ones and bad ones) so adjustments can be made.

My name is Rick Shaw, I am a Prevention Specialist and Prevention Coach, and I help head coaches in organizations and communities achieve better results with better PREVENTION.

My passion for prevention started in 6th grade and it led to my mission to identify common gaps, silos, and disconnect and more specifically, to identify the profile of failed preventions. My mission is different and unique from those studying the profile of at-risk individuals, 20+ years researching thousands of failed preventions exposed the profile of failed preventions which helped me see a clear vision for how organizations and communities can more effectively PREVENT incidents, attacks, liabilities, tragedies, and other things that keep you up at night.

To help you with new and soaring challenges in these new times, my vision includes the research-based, evidence-based, and success-based First Preventers model to help eliminate common gaps, silos, and disconnects as well as fundamental flaws and outdated playbooks that have allowed way too many PREVENTABLE incidents and tragedies to occur.

You have 2 choices in these new times, which will you choose? 1) hope the world, your community, and your organization return to normal or 2) commit right now to getting the specialty coaching, strategies, and tools needed to achieve better results in this new world.

The smart choice is obvious, and my book provides the validations and proof of concept you need to call me and get started so you can start sleeping better with better PREVENTION for your organization and your community.  

Contact me today!

Rick Shaw, a Prevention Specialist, author, and trusted advisor to organizations and communities worldwide, founded Awareity in 2004 and First Preventers in 2019. Since 1999, Rick has been researching post-incident reports to identify the profile of thousands of failed prevention efforts exposing a profile of dangerous gaps, silos, and disconnects that conventional status quo practices have created. Using the unique research, Rick identified the 6 Stages of Preventing as well as the first of its kind First Preventers Program and Community-wide Prevention Platform tools to eliminate these dangerous gaps.